(Chapter 22)The Greek government should make an emergency law, and force the creditor to replacement of new debt?

(Chapter 22)希臘政府應該訂立緊急法律,強逼債主置換新債?
(Chapter 22)The Greek government should make an emergency law, and force the creditor to replacement of new debt?
The troika of the European financial seems to have been exhausted?

“歐洲金融三頭馬車” (歐盟委員會、歐洲央行和國際貨幣基金組織)
" The troika of the European financial " (European Commission, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF))

The current discourse, I hope that as the opening of two Chinese idioms.
The two idioms are ancient Chinese motto when dealing with difficult problems.

The first sentence of the Chinese idiom, hope, seems to have been exhausted the troika of the European financial and encourages each other.

The second sentence of the Chinese idiom, the leaders of Greece, and encourage each other.

1「釜底抽薪」:(fǔ dǐ chōu xīn)
Take away the fire wood from under the cauldron;
The meaning of the idiom is: take a drastic measure to deal with a situation.

2「揚湯止沸」:(yáng tāng zhǐ fèi)
Repeatedly to ladle boiling water from the pot, then pour roll back the water in an attempt to use such a clumsy method, to prevent the pot of water to continue boiling.


The meaning of the idiom: the use of inappropriate methods to solve problems, in fact, cannot fundamentally resolve the crisis.
(一) 希臘政府接受了貸款,真的能夠帶領希臘人民,走上幸福的日子嗎?

(1)The Greek government accepted the loan and can really lead the Greek people, onto the happy days?

以下的消息來自:外參新聞網於2012-2-14 09:37的發佈:
The following message from: External Reference News release at 2012-2-14 09:37:


The Greek government revised the new austerity program, and finally gets parliamentary support.
Sunday, that day, Athens appeared in the worst unrest in recent years. Much the pain of the crunch, however: the Greek people, in addition to the protest, only to further tighten their belts.


Greek Chinese-language media in the Hope Times Editor-in-chief Wang Pang sent a message to the (BBC) Chinese network, told reporters: from 3-4 o’clock Sunday afternoon until late at night, the center of Athens gathered full of angry protesters.


A small portion of people: destroy public facilities and buildings. The center of a Starbucks coffee shop and other buildings were set on fire, some of the shops were looted. However, the following morning, the center of Athens has been completely restoring calm.

According to the report, the riots: Athens, a total of 45 buildings were burned and 150 shops robbed smashing.


China – Greek Times editor-in-chief Wang Pang said in an interview with BBC News telephone interview: the Greek government, cut spending further, the Greek people feel helpless, only to further tighten their belts.

Greek domestic private sector or government departments, and try desperately to layoffs, the unemployment rate has been close to 21 percent, government spending cuts as a result, paralyzed public services.

Greek public hospitals, in the past, medical expenses, reimbursement rates are high, but, now reimbursed medical expenses, but it is repeated reductions. In the past, the Greek people, as long as participation payment of social insurance fund the people in the public hospitals have children, the government will provide subsidies. Some subsidies, but also repeated reductions, and even that may be completely canceled. Greek middle class people, have been not much savings and austerity measures, more so of their lives, in trouble.
(二) 中產階級逐漸成為我們救助名單的主要族群:

(2)The middle class, and gradually become the main ethnic groups of our rescue list:


Reporters at the scene reported that there is no earthquake, hurricane, blizzard; site can see there are many aid players as well as the Soup Kitchen, the rescue team was busy preparing for: the supply of food and daily necessities, and give an urgent need for assistance to Athens’ new poverty populations.


Here, many of the Greek people, wealth and well-being, have been gradually to the financial crisis engulfed the impoverished like the plague flee climbed to the middle class people; those who cannot get through the pain, can only choose to embark on a dead end, in the past used to be fun paradise lost their luster, the suicide rate among the Greeks, and now rising doubled.

(三)希臘今天的景況是怎樣造成的?希臘毀在權貴手裡 ?
(3)Greece today the situation is caused by? Greece destroyed in the rich and powerful hands?


The oligarchy is a political system in the form, most of them, even all the power lies in the hands of a handful of the privileged class (regardless of wealth, family, military force, brutality or political). The word oligarchy, from Greece, an" olio “is the" minority “," arches “is the" rule “.


In the new Greek government, and strive to prove to Europe that, Greece has determined to cut the bloated public sector must also make a decision, that is: To combat the real domestic threats that endanger Greece’s stability, a wide range of control of the Greek commercial, financial, the media, and in fact control the politicians, the oligarchs family network.

Since Papandreou as prime minister, the government under his leadership has been their efforts to fight, habitual tax evaders.

帕潘德里歐在向議會發表的講話中,明確表示,他對一些希臘銀行的可疑行徑,存在擔憂。我們只能希望,由國際貨幣基金組織(IMF)、歐盟委員會(European Commission)以及歐洲央行(ECB)下令進行的貝萊德(Black Rock)調查,能夠為揭露金融體系的,當前問題提供適當的證據。

Papandreou, in his speech to Parliament, made it clear that he was suspicious acts of the Bank of Greece, there are concerns. We can only hope, Black Rock survey conducted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Commission (European Commission) and European Central Bank (ECB) ordered to provide appropriate evidence to expose the financial system, current issues.


In the above statement, Papandreou also revealed explosive information, the Greek banking system and a fuel smuggling across the Balkans. Allegedly, it is estimated that the smuggling activities, lead to Greece every year there is a loss of 3 billion euros. He clearly pointed out the type of criminal activity, the damage caused. Just does not specify: What person or institution that is actually involved.

First, they speed up the usual output of cash. Last year, only the real estate market in London, appeared in the Greek capital surge.

Secondly, they are utilized by the media they control, to seize every opportunity, accusations and slander Papandreou. They know that he is in the Greek political elite, most will not yield.


The purpose of the oligarchs is very clear: they are waiting for the opportunity to plunder state assets in a variety of relief programs, the Greek government, as soon as possible of state assets for privatization.


Greek domestic economy plummeting over the past two years, the electricity network and the national lottery institutions, these valuable entity of the state-owned assets, stock prices continue to decline.
今年夏天,希臘電信運營商OTE將10%的股份以每股約7歐元的價格,出售給德國電信(Deutsche Telekom),價格比較3年前的股價降低75%。

This summer, the Greek telecommunications operators, 10% of the shares, the price of about € 7 per share, sold to Deutsche Telekom, the price comparison three years ago, the stock price reduced by 75%.


Political oligarchies are waiting to grab these assets down to less than the actual value of one fifth the price, the conspiracy, the country is the poor financial returns; However, for the acquirer, but it can take5-10 years, made a fortune.

These political oligarchy, even hope, Greece out of the euro, so that they can use, collection of billions of euros outside Greece, the use of the drachma’s sharp depreciation of the opportunity to be able to use a very low price to buy the ultra-the value of the assets.

(Drachmas as early as 1832, has been the lawful currency of Greece. Until January 1, 2002, replaced by the Euro, that is€ 1 is equal to 340.750 drachmas).
These political oligarchy, even hope, Greece out of the euro, so that they can use, collection of billions of euros outside Greece, the use of the drachma’s sharp depreciation of the opportunity to be able to use a very low price to buy the ultra-the value of the assets.


If we say: the crisis in Greece and Italy, gave us what the words of revelation, that is the European Union (EU) has allowed a large area of corruption, crime and poor governance; not only help the country so in Eastern Europe, some Western European core members also areas not far off.


When the Europeans preach to the world: European values – transparency, good governance and the importance of competition.
However, Europeans are often ignored, the Berlusconi monopoly on broadcast media the Camorra political influence, the province of Campania, and the Greek economy, long-term nepotism.


Silvio Berlusconi. Italy 74, 79, 81 Prime Minister
In addition to political developments, Silvio Berlusconi has also set up a Construction Company; acquisition of the media; the acquisition of the bank; acquisition Football Club.


Camorra is one of Italy’s three main Mafia, the scope of activities in the Naples area.
Camorra to adapt in a timely manner, the trend of globalization, the most adept at running a business, is a complete transformation of “liberal mafia".


If you draw what lessons we can learn from Europe is facing a disaster, then, that is: These corruption patterns must be broken. Otherwise, Greece and Italy, will not get rid of, so that these acts of corruption to be rampant development.


When we worship the heart, to find the answer to the Nordic, please remember: these German companies, for example, Siemens and Forrestal, these companies pay billions of dollars in bribe money to the cooperation agencies in Greece. They pay bribe in order to obtain more lucrative profits, they use the contract prices inflated, increase profits, these benefits actually paid by the Greek people, they are the real taxpayers.

For Greece, the crucial question is, after the Papandreou, Greece has the necessary political talent and vision, not only the implementation of a thorough reform, but also to the resurrection of the corruption of national institutions, and to prevent Greece, the most rich and powerful people continue to plunder the achievements of the Greek economy.

Perhaps: Greece’s international creditors are willing to think of the problem.


My own guess is: Greece, it may not yet have all of these reform conditions, people will only be regarded as Papandreou’s efforts to save the last real effort in Greece.


Oligarchs in two ways, pre-made reform response. First, they speed up the usual output of cash. 2011, just in the London real estate market, it appears, the situation exploded by the Greek capital.


Secondly, the oligarchs, and resorts to its media minions to seize every opportunity, accusations and slander Papandreou. They know that he is the Greek political elite; most people will not be accepted yield.


The goal of the oligarchs, very clear, they are waiting for the opportunity to plunder state assets. I think: the Greek government in a variety of relief programs must be state-owned assets, the privatization program as soon as possible.


In my opinion: the Greek government took out, in line with the austerity measures of" The troika of the European financial “loan conditions, and in the Greek Parliament passed, but the leaders of Greece, have to cope with the reality of fierce opposition from a wide range of people in strikes, demonstrations, to the resignation of cabinet ministers, are implacable opposition from the wave.


In my opinion: the Greek government and “The troika of the European financial common set down, the Greek government is difficult to implement austerity measures, these measures, imposed on the Greek government and people, is a wrong decision. This is a decision: in fact, just to protect the interests of French and German banking. The Greek state and the people, great sacrifices, in fact, the banking industry last interest, sooner or later are Zhu lan da shui “.

China idiom " zhú lán dǎ shuǐ " means: the use of bamboo woven basket containing water. Said: No matter what, made the result is no effect.


The actual situation is: Can the effective implementation of the Greek government, the thrift’s economic policies, it is inevitable doubt. The measures promised by the Greek government really can be effectively implemented?


April 2012, the Greek general election approaching, the opposition parties would never risked political suicide risk, tightening cooperation with the government. New government after the election, whether it will abide by the policy tightening? Everything that exists, many uncertainties, not to mention the lenders harsh, is simply incomprehensible.


In fact, the Greek, even if once again the third round of monetary assistance, there is absolutely not save Greece to leave the debt vortex.


The Chinese idiom " bēi shuǐ chē xīn " means: to use a cup of water to put out a fire burning wood car. Analogy :To put in resources to solve the problem is too small, too little meaning.


The Greek government is trying to avoid the country’s sovereign debt default. The Greek Government considers that, in the event of default, the entire country will fall into a huge economic disruption. , Greece, the two major political parties, temporary form emergency alliance, to accept the loan. However, the state also accepted, when unable to perform the contract will be punitive measures. Standing people’s point of view, it is very feel pain. Simply this: the lesser of two evils compared to select the harmful effects of a lighter choice.


Greece is locked in the euro zone – relatively speaking, Greece at this stage, there is no right to speak.


Greece can only accept: Berlin and Brussels,(indiscriminate white and black)thrifty policy.

「青紅皂白」:「qīng hóng zào bái」

The Chinese idiom " qīng hóng zào bái " means: the blue, red, black, white, four different pigments, are mixed together.
The origin of the metaphor: not able to distinguish between things or things that are being processed, whether it is right or wrong?


Greece’s economic situation is very bad, the Greek government, forced the minimum wage, reduce 20%. By a policy of suppression, not just the poorest people in society. Because all the other posts, do refer to this standard, therefore, unreasonable policies of the EU will no doubt slow down Greece’s economic growth rate.

Truth perspective: the EU, such a so-called help Greece, relief program of debt. Author from the details of the view, I always think: Europe is ready to abandon the Greek preparation. This is a patchwork of rescue plan, in fact, in order to win some time, the Greek isolate, and then, more orderly breach of contract arrangements, so that the troika of the European financial, will be able to achieve the protection of France and Germany the interests of the bank; As for the fate of the Greeks, the three European financial carriage, has not in the agenda to consider within.


European financial arrangements of the three-horse cart, should be able to remind: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, and even the Frenchman will have misgivings. People in these countries, there is strong reason to doubt: a similar fate with the Greeks, is waiting in front of their own.


However, the German cannot sit back and relax; they will realize that sooner or later, when an important export market, in the implementation of the brutal thrift policy, the German economy, will also be devastated. But, the hour has not yet come.


(4)Looking to the future:
Whether the euro area: will be to maintain consistency, continue to exist; or after, in varying degrees of integration, after the split, continue to exist.


European countries, it is best to learn a model for the U.S. government by the elite of the country, to work out suitable conditions, be used to stimulate the country’s economy; Every time when the country encountered economic difficulties, to successfully adopt contingency strategies.


Financial markets all focused on a new round of EU Greece 130 billion loan. Unfortunately, a prerequisite for these loans is: to force the Greek government to force the use of harsh economic reforms and the need to substantially compel creditors, voluntary debt reduction. Greek government to complete the harsh provisions of The troika of the European financial, the Greek government to be able to obtain loans.


In fact, as long as the investor, after the contents of the detailed analysis of the loan, we will know the provisions of the loan details, the Greek government simply cannot be implemented, because: the country’s reform and fiscal austerity will severely depressed domestic internal demand. Greece because of the use of high currency Euro as currency in circulation how can revitalize the tourism industry? Tired of the economic environment, will further make a substantial reduction in state tax, government finance, to make end meet, forming a vicious cycle.


(5)I take the liberty to the Greek government proposed if the government really has the opportunity to receive a large amount of rescue loans, the Greek government should be based on a variety of dissatisfaction with the EU’s political arrangements as an excuse. Greece should be decided to withdraw from the euro as soon as possible. Finally: to take measures to boost tourism, increase in industrial exports.


Greek domestic, there are many tourist attractions; these are Greece’s inherent assets. The Greek government can operate in cooperation with the international consortium. Greek government, only to sell the right to operate with the international consortium, the development of tourism, increase the employment opportunities of the people reduce the hostility of the people. At least make people think, countries have hope. The officials also do not have to deal with the debt, mental and physical exhaustion.


(6)The troika of the European financial the motives behind:

一、 歐羅區沒有會員的退出機制,希臘的退出,必定會引發,世界各國,對歐羅區的銀行,進行大量訴訟,法律訴訟所花費的金錢,非常龐大。

1 The euro area does not have a mechanism for members to exit, the exit of Greece, must lead to the world, on the banks of the euro area, a lot of litigation, the money spent by the legal proceedings, very large.

二、 當希臘退出歐元區後,金融市場,絕對有可能會引發,一系列對葡萄牙、西班牙和意大利,主權債券的投機性沽盤,令歐洲金融三頭馬車,重新塑造金融穩定,涉及的花費,會更加龐大,日後,拯救的過程會更加艱難。

2 Greece out of the euro, financial markets, absolutely may lead to a series of Portugal, Spain and Italy, the sovereign bonds of speculative sell order, so that the troika of the European financial re-shaping the financial stability, the cost involved will be much larger in the future to save the process will be more difficult.

三、 歐洲金融三頭馬車盤算:如果歐羅區,能夠闖過這一難關,肯定會增加歐元區,全歐洲一體化的民意。結果:會吸引更多東歐國家加入歐元區,會員國家的協同效應會放大,令歐羅區統一財政的方案,成為更加理所當然,結果,會進一步鞏固德國和法國在歐元區的領導地位。

3 The troika of the European financial calculations: if the euro zone, able to break through this difficulty, would certainly increase the euro area, the opinion of the European integration. Results: will attract more Eastern European countries join the euro, the synergistic effect of the member countries will be enlarged, so that the unified financial programs of the euro zone, become more a matter of course, the results will further strengthen the leading position of Germany and France in the euro area.


(7)The troika of the European financial plan for assistance to Greece, there are concerns:
20國集團(Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors),又稱G20,是一個國際經濟合作論壇,於1999年12月16日在德國柏林成立,屬於布雷頓森林體系框架內非正式對話的一種機制,由八國集團(美國、日本、德國、法國、英國、意大利、加拿大和俄羅斯)以及其餘十二個重要經濟體(歐盟、中國、巴西、印度、澳洲、墨西哥、南韓、土耳其、印尼、沙特阿拉伯、阿根廷和南非)組成。按照慣例,國際貨幣基金組織與世界銀行列席該組織的會議。
G20, also known as the G20, is an international forum for economic cooperation, set up in Berlin, Germany on December 16, 1999, is a mechanism for informal dialogue with the Bretton Woods system, within the framework of the G8 (United States, Japan, Germany France, Britain, Italy, Canada and Russia) as well as of the remaining 12 major economies (the European Union, China, Brazil, India, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and South Africa).
In accordance with the practice, the IMF and World Bank will send representatives to attend the meeting of the organization.


擁有希臘國家債券的對沖基金及民間債權人,並未達成共識,願意對希臘債券票面價值,撇除 53.5%的協議。

Greek loan agreements that clearly set out, the Greek government, you must perform austerity. However, the austerity policy content mentioned in the sustainability analysis of the implementation, so that the parliament of Germany, the Netherlands and Finland, to save Greece from the debt, and have to bear the risk, said resist. Because the leaders of the countries mentioned above, have to bear the pressure of domestic politics.

 希臘政府會在2012年 4月會舉行大選,大選過後,新政府會否恪守承諾,繼續實施經濟緊縮政策和結構性改革嗎?在這一個謎團裏,存在許多變數。
 Greek government in April 2012, will hold a general election after the election, the new government will honor its commitments and continue to implement economic austerity and structural reform? In a mystery, there are many variables.
 希臘國內,疲弱的經濟,能夠支持經濟緊縮政策和經濟改革嗎?
 Greek domestic, the weak economy, able to support economic austerity and economic reform?
 由於希臘政府,就算能夠獲得的貸款,大部份金錢,都只是用於還債,而用於政府日常開支的金錢,估計會少於20%。所以希臘政府,仍然有機會在2012年3月20日,出現債務違約。
The Greek government, even if able to obtain loans, most of the money, and are only used for debt for the day-to-day government spending money, estimated to be less than 20%. Greek government still has a chance to March 20, 2012 debt default.
 希臘人民,在緊縮政策下生活,會有激烈的不滿現實嗎?請大家不要忽略這個因素。
 Greek people living in austerity policy, there will be intense discontented? Please do not ignore this factor.
 歐元區的會員國家,在國民反援助情緒籠罩下,歐洲各國的國會,未來,還會繼續批准,新一輪的經濟援助嗎?
 Member countries of the euro area, in the shadow of the national anti-aid sentiment, Congress of the European countries, the future, will continue to the approval of a new round of economic aid?

If Greece continues to be locked within the euro zone, the ultimate results of all required bankruptcy end.
評級機構惠譽,在(The troika of the European financial)公佈換債詳情後,將該國信貸評級,進一步下降,由 CCC降至 C,惠譽指出:希臘有可能在短期內違約。(C級是全部評級等級中,八級中的第七級,第八級便是違約級別)

The rating agency Fitch announced the details of the convertible debt, Greece’s credit rating fell further, down by the CCC to C, and Fitch pointed out that: Greece may be a breach in the short term. (C-class all the rating scale, eight in the seventh grade, eighth grade is the default level)

有經濟分析師表示,希臘雖然與歐洲各國達成協議,但是,希臘最終都會走上破產之路。有評論引述 IMF的機密評估文件,文件內容指出: 2020年希臘債務,仍然會佔有,經濟輸出總額達160%,遠超議定目標的 120.5%。

Some economic analysts said Greece to reach an agreement with European countries, but Greece will eventually embark on the road of bankruptcy. Comments quoted by the IMF confidential assessment document, the contents of the documents: Greek debt in 2020, still will occupy. Economic output amounted to 160 percent, far more than 120.5% of the agreed targets.

希臘政府必須與私人債權人進行換債,成為該國獲救的重要一環。根據協議,假若對沖基金或銀行等私人債權人,自願進行換債,需承受 53.5%的撇債,這些撇債舉措,有助於希臘政府,減少所負擔的債務。倘若私人債權人或對沖基金公司,不願意置換新債,評級機構或有可能,宣佈希臘違約,觸發信貸違約掉期( CDS)賠償。

The Greek government must exchange debt with private creditors, become an important part of the country were rescued. Under the agreement, if the hedge funds or banks and other private creditors, voluntary exchange debt, private creditors have to bear 53.5% of written off debt, write debt initiatives to help the Greek government, to reduce the debt burden. If private creditors or hedge fund company, unwilling to replacement of new debt, the rating agencies, or likely to announce a Greek default, triggering credit default swaps (CDS) compensation.


The troika of the European financial provisions: the Greek government to convince 95% of private creditors or hedge fund company, to accept voluntary debt reduction and replacement of new debt to be issued loans. Terms of approval, in fact, is an impossible task.

Dear readers, let me ask you: If you are a creditor, you have already purchased credit default swaps (CDS), insurance of Greek government bonds held by.
Greek government cannot be in the reach of the deadline, the return of the borrower, you will be able to require the full amount of compensation to the insurance company, and will you easily agree to automatically cut debt and new debt for old debt replacement?

Unless …… (left blank, leaving to the imagination of readers) ……。

(十)過去一星期,金融市場,雖然聚焦在歐洲,但是:我希親愛的讀者,要注意日元的走勢。我認為:日本的債務已經佔GDP逾200%,比較希臘債務佔經濟輸出達 160%還要高,在短期內,美元兌日元會直逼100。
(10)The past week, financial markets, although the focus in Europe, but: I hope, dear reader, to pay attention to the trend of the Japanese Yuan. In my opinion: Japan’s debt has more than 200% of GDP to compare the Greek debt, accounting for the economic output of 160% is even higher. In the short term, the U.S. dollar against the Yen would be almost equal to 100.

這篇博客完成於24-02-2012香港時間上午20:15 p.m.

This blog is completed on 24-02-2012 Hong Kong time, 20:15 p.m.m
At present, the U.S. dollar against the Japanese exchange rate is: 80.50


According to the analysis of the golden ratio: 80.55 have been reached, the golden ratio to 0.5% position.
Assumptions: the U.S. dollar against the Japanese Yuan exchange rate, beyond the 80.55 price. And maintain the above price for some days, they can be understood as: Japanese Yuan started a downward trend.


Japan Yuan to reply to an upward trend, the need to comply with the following conditions:
1 European debt crisis, continue to deteriorate further.
2 Financial markets, rising risk aversion.
3 Gold prices fell.

(十一)自然界會有生存和死亡定律。這種定律,也存在「金融界」內。人類生理倒閉是死亡;財務倒閉是破產。買債券最怕是發行債券的機構「執笠」;買股票最怕上市公司「執笠」;買貨幣最怕政府「破產」。日本的債務,佔經濟輸出總額,達到 200%以上,債務信用違約,是遲早都會出現的事實,日元怎麼能夠避免,大幅度貶值?

(11)The natural world, there will be life and death’s law. This life and death laws, are also present in the “financial sector". The collapse of human physiology is death; personal financial collapse of the bankrupt. To buy bonds is most afraid of the bond issuer “winding up"; to buy stocks, the worst fear is that the listed company “winding up"; to buy the currency are most afraid of the government “bankruptcy." Japan’s debt, accounting for the total economic output, more than 200% debt credit default, sooner or later appear, Yen how to avoid, not devaluation?
Yen how to avoid the devaluation?


(12)But, my dear readers to note: due to financial market risk sentiment and risk aversion, frequently alternating.
Hypothesis: when you hold a pessimistic view of prospects for the future, we must pay attention to enter the market, select the appropriate price.


I consider the short term (three months) the euro against the U.S. dollar, to rise to 1.34; the pound against the dollar, to rise to 1.60; the Australian dollar to rise to 1.10; New Zealand dollar, to rise to 0.86; the Canadian dollar against rise to 0.98; the U.S. dollar against the Swiss franc to rise to 0.90; oil prices will see $ 120; the price of gold will see $ 1,800.

當到達這些價位時,才考慮進入市場。切勿「輕舉妄動」,避免「坐艇」 兼「虧損」。

When you reach the price of these goals is the time to consider entering the market. “Do not act rashly, to avoid the" boat ride “and" loss “.

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