(Chapter 12)U.S. concerns, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund rescue package, but the money thrown into the sea? (1)


2012, the largest source of market turmoil is certainly Europe’s debt crisis.

投資者必須留意,2012年,最容易出現危機的月份,是 2月至 3月。
Investors should note that in 2012, the month most prone to crisis, in February to March.

During this period, there are many European loans due for repayment, when, due to the repayment of debt into new loans.

在 2月份,希臘、愛爾蘭、葡萄牙及西班牙,這四個國家,便會有,七千億歐元,的國家債務,要更換成為新的借貸。
In February, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, the four countries, will have, seven hundred billion euros, the national debt, to be replaced as new lending.

From this, in 2012, the day the financial markets would be dire. In order to solve immediate problems, European leaders will be forced to encounter extreme events, take extreme policies to deal with, the means of attempting to solve problems.


Global financial markets will raise, rapid decline in the trajectory of the shock, breathing, excitement, despair. Continue to alternate with each other, loop.


Capital adequacy ratio of banks away to supplement self-protection; financial turmoil and prospects in the uncertainty, the choice to avoid the risk? Or continue to speculation? Government in the sovereign debt difficulties and financial crisis, exhausted.

2012, for investors, must equip themselves to meet the challenge.

2012, first quarter Italy, Portugal, respectively, of the total debt, one-third of the national debt, the need for renewal.

Greece, to reschedule the debts borrowed, even up to 40% of the total debt.

France needs to be re-arranged to borrow the debt, even up to 37% of the total debt.

European sovereign debt, more than 300 billion euros, must be re-arranged to borrow new debt to repay old debts section.

European Central Bank, there are 250 billion euros debt due for repayment.

European Central Bank, in addition, there are 200 billion euros, mortgage-backed securities, have re-extended.

European financial market, need to repay the debt, has entered the peak period, however, the current financial markets, investor sentiment, risk aversion high. In financial markets, rely on private financial support, should be extremely difficult.

In addition to Italy, the French were involved in the debt crisis of the possibility of spin-nest, very high.

Currently, the total debt burden of the French, still within the range can be controlled, but the country’s budget deficit, but it is very surprising.


If the financial markets, the French government’s ability to repay debt are worried about France’s financing costs, may be soaring, if this situation occurs, the debt crisis in Europe will rise to a new climax, the euro placed unprecedented dangerous situation.

If French credit rating by rating agencies even lower levels, then again, the French debt, the euro is absolutely disastrous.

Meanwhile, Greece may be the second event of default, even, may in some form, out of the euro. This situation, in the event, the Bank of Greece was not only a run other European countries may also be encountered, comic impact.

European debt crisis, the countries outside of Europe, and the financial markets, the most lethal, of course, European banks into a credit crisis.


European Central Bank introduced the three-year liquidity operations (LTRO) and six countries, the central line of the U.S. dollar swap agreement, although the temporary relief of the bank liquidity crisis, but does not actually increase the bank’s funds, nor to repair, the mutual distrust between banks.


If the debt crisis in Europe to further deteriorates, individual European banks, balance sheets, bound setback. In my opinion, the European banking system is preparing a similar collapse of Lehman’s financial crisis mode. I can only hope that in the relevant national central banks and governments, as soon as possible for planning ahead, to avoid risks, but their past performance made me worried.

If the European wave of bank failures occurred, the world’s central banks, will not sit idly by. However, each country’s central bank, the only solution, can only introduce quantitative easing measures, printing money machine. U.S., EU, Japan, Britain, and the possibility of a great machine printing money, investors cannot be ignored.

In such a case, the financial markets may be caused by despair, overnight, into full swing, the investor sentiment, by the loss of one end of the pendulum to another extreme hot.

Investors are most likely in the short term developed to make big money may also, in a very short period of time, lose all the money, pure light.

Investors engaged in financial activities, the importance of early equipment, investment techniques.


(Chapter 12)U.S. concerns, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund rescue package, but the money thrown into the sea? (2)




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