(Chapter 7):Do you possess, smart investors, the necessary conditions?





Investors put their money to the fund manager to invest the money in the financial markets, the fund manager results to a loss of funds, investors except itself to blame bad luck, the investors, is there a place worthy of review?




Fund performance losses, investment fund clients, small investors and the public, looks like the victim, according to my own point of view, investors cannot shirk its responsibility.



Everyone put their money to professional investors or investment funds for our value-added, using the money to make a profit, hope returns than inflation, actually we are to accept, even encourage investors, against the rules affect predatory.




Honestly, every year must be found, the chance to beat inflation is virtually impossible to do, coupled with the input of funds, more and more fund companies compete with each other, find profitable investment tools , more and more difficult.




Is such that a variety of packaged, flamboyant, but the risk is not obvious financial products, came into being;




Some profess to provide investment products, a scientific computing, risk of failure is low; some use of the Nobel laureate in economics, as an attraction; while others return higher than the stock market index, to attract customers to invest money.



Financial products on the market, far-reaching harm to investors, fund managers, to understand some of that, they are just people who pursue investment growth.




The most extreme manifestation of the pursuit of profit, fund managers will have to remove the (Integrity) this beautiful coat.




Fund manager’s sales contracts are always strict, hard investor recourse, because behind them, have a huge team of legal counsel for assistance.




These financial products, packaging re-packaging, re-integration integration, including what exactly the product, how the return has been calculated and it is difficult to understand.




So every time a financial waves coming in, investors found something worth holding hands in doubt, the bubble will burst, investment appreciation end of the game, the financial crisis will come, dot.com shares boom burst, mortgage crisis, and so investor losses.




These financial products are vulnerable, small investors are bruised and battered down the drain, lodge complaints.




Your investment in the fund companies, banks high interest products, quietly disappeared without a trace, you prefer it?





In the current financial system, everyone is greedy by nature, to play their role, to make a variety of specific actions.




The real difference is that some people get out in time, earn a sum of money; some people, there is no ability to protect themselves, when the music stops, still pass the bomb, they do not want to leave the seat, eventually become victims.



This is a gloomy story. This is a harsh reality.



Since it is so cruel reality, why put your money over to someone else manage?



Financial crisis, there is a part of the financial system, even if the government closely monitored, adding more laws, but also inevitable.



Reality being the case, then you should train yourself to become a smart investor.



寫這篇博客的時候,傳來一則電訊:2011年11月30日(11:13 am) Hong Kong time

When writing this blog, came a telecommunications: November 30, 2011 (11:13 am) Hong Kong time



Euro Group Chairman said that as Greece has reached the relevant requirements, the Euro zone finance ministers meeting agreed to grant Greece the sixth value of 80 billion Euros aid loans.



In addition, the impact of downsizing by the government, more than 14,000 civil servants on the 28th of this month Greece was forced to retire early (scheduled 2013). On the same day, about 4,000 units in the country has reached retirement age are still remaining staff were ordered to retire immediately.




When I see this communication, I cannot help but shake my heads away, and constantly lend money to a debt-ridden people, whether it is to help him rescue, or trap him in the mud? The more debt, higher interest rates, rely on belt-tightening, there is no way to create economic recovery, to increase income, to pay the debt, how to solve financial difficulties?




At present, even if the total of public finances in Europe to develop the right reverted to Brussels, so that the whole of Europe with the European Central Bank as collateral to issue Euro bonds.




Authoritarian central proposal, the exploitation of European democracy and autonomy, such behavior, in fact, it is not bloody seizure of power.



Today, Europe’s political conflicts, deepening, the situation continues, there is only one result in the debtor country was expelled from the Euro zone.




European Union and the International Monetary Fund in May 2010 decided to provide € 110 billion rescue of Greece loans to help them get rid of the debt crisis.




Greece was not achieved on schedule; reduce the fiscal deficit and other major targets, the EU delayed release, scheduled for release in September 2010, the 6th rescue loans.



More than a year later, the program has not yet been implemented and executed. Next year around Christmas, when the newly appointed leader of the European show, cannot solve the debt crisis, the disintegration of the Euro is the day.




We judge the overall situation, as long as you are able to identify certain debt crisis broke out, and out of control, then this is now an appropriate time to make arrangements, to be a shrewd investor.



Next Issue:

(Chapter 8) Disintegration of the euro, there is the fact that sooner or later, you should prepare as soon as possible, the policy response to large storm?

But how can I do? Come on, friends! I have here a series of views available to you to consider.




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